Docked Ship

OHQ Cloud: Standard Subscription

Best for businesses that need to register vessels, manage individuals (seafarers, staff, agents etc), record certifications plus cloud file storage and sharing. Standard service level agreement included.

Pricing starts from £3,500 per month

Explore what's included
  • Key Features:
  • Core SaaS Platform
  • Max 5 users
  • 3 Voyager runs
  • Pay Monthly
  • Standard SLA

Details of the Standard Subscription tier

Tailored to meet the needs of registries with less than 5 staff members, the Standard tier is designed to deliver a self-service platform with access to reliable, speedy support during business hours.

Cloud Software-as-a-Service

  • Oceans People
  • Vessel HQ
  • Seafarer HQ
  • Voyager

Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service

  • Standard Cloud
  • Standard Redundancy

Service Level Agreement

  • Standard SLA
  • Support Team

Optional Extras

  • Frontier
  • Projects
  • Atlas Upskilling
  • Payments
  • On-site Training
  • Consultancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does payment work?

    For OHQ Cloud Standard tier, payment can be made via Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit card and must clear within 7 days of invoice.

  • How many users can I add?

    The Standard tier includes up-to 8 user accounts. Login to your account at any time and update the list of people with access.

  • What's the old feature list?

    We previously sold Vessel HQ and Seafarer HQ as independent products. This offering has now been superseded by Oceans Cloud subscriptions.

  • Which software packages are included in OHQ Cloud?

    his varies based on the subscription tier you select. Every OHQ Cloud subscription includes Oceans People, Vessel HQ and Seafarer HQ, with additional features available to upgraded plans.

Hear from members of the Oceans Community

  • "We aim to grow the fleet based on quality, not just volume. The combination of Maritime and Technical was instantly visible in the quality of the products that showed a deep understanding of our sector.

    The pricing model also suited our budgetary needs being significantly cheaper than a new custom solution and the SaaS platform meant we would remain at the cutting edge of the sector for years to come."

    Richard Montado, Gibraltar Maritime Administration
  • "The expectations on our maritime administration from both the UK Government and the International Community meant that the capabilities of our old systems were no longer fit for purpose, so we needed a new platform that was up-to-date and more capable.

    Access to comprehensive management data and the ability to analyse on-demand were identified as key areas we wanted to improve on as well as controlling CSRs, issuing documents and managing certification."

    Capt Raman Bala, Virgin Islands Shipping Registry