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The World's Leading Maritime Administrations use OHQ Cloud

OHQ is the world's only provider of Maritime Infrastructure-as-a-Service allowing your authority to fully comply with the broad spectrum of international conventions and approach mandatory audits without fear.

Place all your Administration's information in a single unified platform, allowing in-depth analysis and reporting to enhance your competitive edge.

OHQ Cloud and our suite of Software-as-a-Service tools means you never have to worry about technological overheads again.

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The perfect blend of Maritime Expertise and Technical Excellence

The one-stop shop for Maritime Administrations

You need solutions that are fit-for-purpose, continually updated and secure to help you meet international obligations from the IMO, STCW, MLC and more.
Software, Training & Certification

Get access to the right tools for the job. All products are designed, developed and supported by our in-house teams that include industry-leading Maritime Experts.

  • Oceans Cloud

    Secure cloud-based software for managing ship registration and seafarer certification.

  • Oceans Atlas

    Passages and Streams from our upskilling experts.

Consultancy and Flag State Assistance

IMO Audits, MLC implementation, STCW independent evaluations, ISO Quality Management Systems and meeting international obligations.

  • Registry Training

    One-on-one assistance for flag states delivered by our industry leading experts and partners.

  • Maritime Compliance

    Bespoke consultancy tailored to the needs of the Flag State in conjunction with software implementation.

Vision Statement
"The world's primary supplier of innovative and visionary solutions for maritime administrations and related businesses, operating at the highest international standards with an unwavering commitment to integrity, security and best practice in everything we do." Company Vision

A large volume of Maritime Administrations operate in a continuous state of non-compliance

To ensure this isn't you, our teams focus on continually delivering industry-leading cloud-native software platforms coupled with consultancy, support and training to assist you in creating competitive advantages in the international market.

  • Specifically for the Maritime Sector

    Oceans Cloud provides world-class solutions and training tailored to industry requirements, delivered in-person or online.

  • Maritime Expertise in our DNA

    Oceans Cloud brings 25 years real-world experience running Maritime Administrations together with 25 years of technological experience into a single, unified platform.

  • Industry-leading Technology

    Oceans Cloud is built upon the latest technology solutions and frameworks, with security and cryptography at its core.

  • Always Cutting-Edge

    Oceans Cloud ensures you never have legacy issues; As the industry changes, so does the platform and delivers the highest levels of international compliance, technology evolution and predictable costs.

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On average, a Flag State receives 17 findings in their IMO Audits

Since 2017, new reports have provided unprecedented access and insight into what's causing these audit failures.

Make sure you're ahead of the curve and sign up to our free IMO Audit Preparation series today. Gain an understanding of why registries are failing to meet the mandatory requirements.

In this FREE 6 video series, we also offer thoughts and tips on how you can avoid these common pitfalls.

We Secure Your Data

Industry-leading Information Security Management
at the heart of our services

Oceans are committed to maintaining the highest standards of information security ensuring your data and details are protected and secure. Our Managed Security Services combine a breadth of security technologies, intelligence, analytics, and world-class experts. Not only do we manage the overall health of our platforms, we have a wide range of hardware and cloud-based tools that help detect and respond to threats faster.

Protecting your valuable assets and information is a full-time task, and that's why we have round-the-clock security teams monitoring all systems for suspicious activity.

Security Experts

Our teams include some of the world's top security experts that are responsible for implementing secure infrastructure, hardening operating systems and dealing with incident response.

Real-Time Monitoring

We use a range of enterprise security appliances to monitor all network traffic in real-time following the principles of deny all access unless allowed to ensure only authorised individuals have access.

Proactive Response

All behaviour is proactively monitored and subsequently managed by a combination of information security policies embedded into our appliances as well as intervention by our security experts.

Our ISMS is built on the following core principals:

  • Confidentiality: Your data is restricted and hidden from unauthorised accessed
  • Integrity: Your data is safe from corruption, tampering or loss
  • Availability: Authorised access to your data is unhindered

Data security is a fundamental component to how we work. It permeates through everything we do and is taken into consideration even for the most mundane decisions.

Get Educated

Access Expert Knowledge via in-person or web-based Training courses

Designed and produced by a team with over 30 years combined experience running international Maritime Administrations. Training courses deliver world-leading knowledge via our digital self-service platform and form the basis for continuous professional development.

Alternatively, work with our consultants on-site in your offices and benefit from either one-to-one or group-based instruction on all aspects of running Maritime Administrations in the digital age.

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