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As the world's leading provider of Maritime Software-as-a-Service, our tools enable your Flag State to fully comply with the broad spectrum of international conventions and approach mandatory audits without fear.

Store and process your Administration's data from a single unified platform, delivering data insights to enhance your competitive edge. OHQ Cloud and our suite of Software-as-a-Service tools ensure you never have to worry about technological overheads again.

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Gibraltar Maritime Administration
British Virgin Islands
San Marino Ship Register

The one-stop shop for Maritime Administration

You need technology solutions that are fit-for-purpose, continually updated and secure to help you meet international obligations from the IMO, STCW, MLC and more. That's where we come in.

Software, Training & World-Class Support

Get access to the right tools for the job. OHQ Cloud and our suite of software products are designed, developed and supported by our in-house development teams working in close collaboration with industry-leading experts across a range of areas.

  • Core Maritime Functionality

    OHQ Cloud delivers secure cloud-based software for managing your Maritime Administration with tools to cater for ship registration, survey management, seafarer certification, executive reporting, customer self-service portals and more.

  • Embedded Learning

    To support your Administration's adoption, our training and learning options help your staff get up-to-speed quickly. Atlas is our purpose-built learning platform that includes video courses, streams and tutorials that dramatically increase your team's productivity.

  • Exceptional Support

    We've seen scenarios where clients want extra support, so we focus heavily on delivering the best service and support in the industry.

Underpinned by an Ambitious Vision

As the world's primary supplier of innovative and visionary solutions for Maritime Administrations and related businesses, we operate at the highest international standards with an unwavering commitment to integrity, security and best practice in everything we do.
OHQ Cloud delivers Vessel Registration, Seafarer Certification, Training and Technology to assist clients in complying with the highest international standards.

Achieved with a single platform to meet commercial needs with tailor-made Maritime Infrastructure-as-a-Service, encompassing round-the-clock support, where we employ the best people in their respective fields.

Underpinned by the Agile Manifesto, we build and listen to our community of customers around the globe; developing systems and tools that are compliant today, tomorrow and everyday.

Partnering with world leading Maritime Administrations

To give you a flavour of how powerful the Oceans Community is, we regularly have members advocating the positive impact OHQ Cloud has on their business operations and staff engagement. Rather than provide anecdotal information, read what our truly awesome partners have to say.

Gibraltar Maritime Administration
British Virgin Islands
St Kitts & Nevis
San Marino Ship Register

We have been using the Oceans HQ platform for over a year and can already see drastic improvements in our workflow, procedures and ultimately delivering the end product, a vessel’s registration. In addition, these greater efficiencies have freed up the availability of our staff who can now focus on delivering better service to our clients around the world.

Regular discussions are held with the team at Oceans HQ to continually ensure they understand our needs. They show us how existing features can fulfil our requirements and suggest suitable alternatives to keep on succeeding. The depth of knowledge on both the tech and importantly the maritime requirements blows my mind almost daily. There is no "them" and "us" – it's a true partnership that has been built with mutual trust at the core.

I'd highly recommend Oceans HQ to other IMO Member States without a second thought. My only regret is in not moving to OHQ Cloud sooner.

We give back to the Maritime Community

As believers in reciprocity, we share as much as we can with the community ranging from white-papers researched by our Martime Experts to open-source code produced by our developers. If you want to see the quality of our work, take a look at the IMO Audit Preparation series.

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