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Gibraltar Maritime Administration
British Virgin Islands
San Marino Ship Register

The only cloud technology solution designed specifically for Maritime Administrations

With instant access to a quality-mix of products and services designed solely for Maritime Administrations, OHQ Cloud is ready for you today.

Whether you require a Vessel Registration tool, want to keep records of Seafarer Certifications or need an education platform to keep your staff training up-to-date, Oceans Cloud has everything you need.

Gibraltar Maritime Administration

Gibraltar Maritime Administration uses Oceans Cloud to grow a quality fleet with competent seafarers

“ We aim to grow the fleet based on quality, not just volume. The combination of Maritime and Technical expertise was instantly visible in the quality of the products that showed a deep understanding of our sector. The pricing model also suited our budgetary needs being significantly cheaper than a new custom solution and the SaaS platform meant we would remain at the cutting edge of the sector for years to come. ”

Cloud Software: OHQ Cloud

All the software your need, straight out of the box

Included as standard is our full-suite of software products & services, expert support and best practice guides.

  • Software Packages

    Solutions for ship registration, survey and inspection, seafarer certification, management reporting, as well as public portals for customers, ISO tools and more.

  • Education and Training

    Access 2,500+ courses to learn and improve skills across business, maritime, tech, and more. Taught by experts to help your workforce do whatever comes next.

  • Data Security & Integrity

    Hardware and software appliances for encrypting and securing access to your data in real-time.

  • Expert Support

    Knowledgable support from in-house teams with direct exposure to our technology and maritime playbooks.

  • Maritime Expertise

    Vast experience in running and supporting international ship registries ensures you receive the support you desire.

  • Integrations

    Connect to 3rd party systems including legacy datasets to deliver additional business value.

...with all the extras your IT & Compliance departments want

Data Sovereignty

Store your data in geographic regions of your choosing. We understand government requirements around cloud services and have mechanisms in place to deliver to your specific specifications.

Disaster Recovery

All services are deployed across multiple servers in High-Availability configurations. In the event of a malfunction on a primary node, your services switch to one of several hot-swap machines.

Choose Your SLA

We offer multiple service level agreement tiers that you can select based on your requirements. Whether you need business hours support with a 2 hour guarateed turnaround or something more specific, we can help.

Updates for Life

Provided as standard with all subscriptions is our industry-leading updates for life policy. You will always be using the most current version of our products.

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Gibraltar Maritime Administration
British Virgin Islands
San Marino Ship Register

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