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Monthly Subscription

In fulfilling OHQ Cloud's vision for a globally connected maritime world, and our commitment to building a safe and sustainable maritime industry, we were aware of a gap in our product offering.

OHQ Cloud is a fully managed Software-as-a-Service maritime platform. The Pilot Programme was designed specifically for smaller registries. You get access to most of the tools, but pay per user.

What's included on the Pilot Programme

  • Vessel Registration and Fleet Management

  • Survey and Inspection Management

  • Seafarer Certification and Records

  • Online Client Service Portal via Frontier

  • Staff and Agent Management

  • Project Management

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Exceptional Customer Support via Email and Phone

  • Training and Onboarding Videos and Documentation

What affects the price you'll pay

  • How many bolt-ons you require for the online services portal (Frontier)

  • How complex your previous database / data warehouse setup is

  • If you require on-site staff training in multiple locations

  • The amount of platform customisation your team want implemented

  • If you need to setup integrations with poorly documented 3rd party services

  • The volume of online transactions you process via Oceans Payments

  • The Service Level Agreement you want

  • If you have specific in-country hosting requirements

Designed to work with
your procurement process

The Pilot Programme is strictly
limited to five ship registries.

Frequently asked questions

Where do you host this service?

OHQ Cloud is a purpose-built cloud hosting platform built on top of dedicated services that are under our full control. Our server locations include United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Ireland and Germany.

What if I need my data hosted in a different Country?

Sure thing. Just discuss this specific requirement when you start the procurement process and we'll make it happen.

Can we host this in our own data centres?

Not on the Pilot Programme. You'll need to upgrade to one of our other pricing plans for this.

How do you train our staff on using the products?

We have a range of training options from on-site workshops to our in-built Atlas e-learning platform that contains self-service video courses and tutorials. Depending on your needs, there may be additional costs.

Can I pay quarterly or annually?

Of course. Depending on your budget requirements, our billing schedule is flexible to accommodate your specific needs.

Does your service integrate with Azure AD for single signon?

Yes. We use Auth0 as our identity management provider and integrating with your Azure AD tenant can be configured in a few hours.

Seriously considering building your own software?
Read our anti-custom build guide first.

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