The Oceans community is a big, supportive family

We're backed by an amazing international community that includes some of the world's leading Ship Registries

To give you a flavour of how powerful the Oceans Community is, we regularly have members advocating the positive impact OHQ Cloud has on their business operations and staff engagement. Rather than provide anecdotal information, we asked some of our truly awesome partners if they'd be willing to speak their truth.

We have been using the Oceans HQ platform for over a year and can already see drastic improvements in our workflow, procedures and ultimately delivering the end product, a vessel’s registration. In addition, these greater efficiencies have freed up the availability of our staff who can now focus on delivering better service to our clients around the world.

Regular discussions are held with the team at Oceans HQ to continually ensure they understand our needs. They show us how existing features can fulfil our requirements and suggest suitable alternatives to keep on succeeding. The depth of knowledge on both the tech and importantly the maritime requirements blows my mind almost daily. There is no "them" and "us" – it's a true partnership that has been built with mutual trust at the core.

I'd highly recommend Oceans HQ to other IMO Member States without a second thought. My only regret is in not moving to OHQ Cloud sooner.

We have now been using OHQ Cloud since 2014, and both the products and company continue to exceed our expectations. From the maritime perspective, it has allowed us to streamline our processes. Like many administrations, we have a limited budget and staff who work in multiple locations, yet Oceans products ensure everyone is always on top of their game.

We have been very impressed by the support of Oceans HQ in ensuring all staff members can get up-to-speed and issues are resolved promptly. The team at Oceans have dedicated resources looking at future regulation so that OHQ Cloud is ready for future amendments, and we have seen these changes rolled out seamlessly on several occasions without any downtime or added complexity.

We also value the excellent relationships we have with the team at every level; they have helped us grow a world-class registry. A very proactive company and team who sufficiently understand the business of maritime administration to work with us in partnership.”

Richard Montado
HM Government of Gibraltar

OHQ Cloud enables us to meet our international obligations and has been well received by vessel registration customers and seafarers. The team at Oceans HQ kindly migrated our data from our old system into the cloud and went above and beyond to support us with going live. Transitioning from a locally installed version of FMS to OHQ Cloud has also enabled us to access information in real-time from anywhere in the world.

The Virgin Islands suffered two devastating hurricanes in 2017 and we were fortunate to have saved our historical records from our old systems. It took some time to get fully operational again but Oceans HQ provided invaluable assistance and support to analyse the data and transform it into OHQ Cloud.

I now have total confidence in Oceans HQ, and if another such event happened in the future, we will be fully operational again with data and records fully accessible as soon as local power is back.

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We deliver so much more than Software

While our platform has all the features your Maritime Administration needs ranging from standard vessel registration to custom datasets, inspection management, RO insights and detailed reporting, you get so much more than just software when you join the Oceans Community.

You gain access to Exceptional Maritime Expertise

The Oceans Community includes world experts in the field of Ship Registry and the running of Marine Administrations, as well as decades of experience on Registry & Technical issues, our team's collective knowledge is second-to-none. You gain access to first-hand expertise and peole that know what it takes to make a successful Marine Administration, as well as unsurpassed knowledge of the business and the international regulatory regime.

And can leverage the knowledge of our Cloud & Technical Professionals

With many years of experience in online solutions development and data security under our belt, you can leverage this in your Maritime Administration and delegate some of the more complex `code and tech` issues, enabling you to focus on your goals surrounding international obligations and business management.

Then rely on Quality Services and Top-Notch Support

We've got robust processes and procedures in place to support every Marine Administration. You gain access to our teams who provide unrivalled telephone and email support to our customers, including support for specific legal and technical questions.

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