We partner with some of the best minds in the business

No person is an island, so we've put together an international partner network

We've worked with a large number of 3rd parties over the years and have put together a curated, pre-vetted international network of industry professionals and consultants to provide our clients with access to some of the smartest minds in the business.

Partner Network

Depending on where your Maritime Administration is based, you may want to work with a local partner to speed up procurement, implementation or onboarding. If you have specific business requirements that move you towards our Enterprise pricing tier, we will typically involve one of our downstream partners to assist.

All of our partners are certified to work with our technology stack and can have staff with pre-vetted security clearance in many jurisdictions should you require heightened vetting.

Technology Partners

IT Management HQ

Providing IT Service Management, Infrastructure Architecture and Security Solutions to coincide with an OHQ Cloud deployment in Europe or the Middle East.

Skytrix Ltd

Skytrix is the best platform for exploring and manipulating data in your organisation and beyond. We connect hundreds of data sources for forward-thinking maritime businesses around the world.

Microsoft Azure

Get the support you need no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey. Evolve, build, or grow your business with Azure.


Global infrastructure offering 20Tbit/s of network capacity, 30 data centres on 4 continents and 34 redundant PoPs around the world.

Maritime Partners

H4 Maritime Ltd

Run by Captain Desmond Howell, Extra Master, LLB, FNI. with more than 25 years experience in the maritime administration and ship registry business. Look no further if you are looking to engage an independent expert to help prepare for IMO audits or assistance with legislation improvement.

Regional Partners

Panama Building

Providing LATAM advice and support for OHQ Cloud deployments in territory.

Gibraltar Maritime Administration
British Virgin Islands
San Marino Ship Register

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