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Presenting OHQ Cloud to San Marino Ship Registry

All registries need to continue to evolve their digital offering if they wish to remain competitive in the global market. At OHQ Cloud, our Professional tier includes all of the tools you need to deliver exceptional experiences to your customers. From Frontier, where owners and managers can transact with the registry at any time of day (or night), to online payments and digital certificates. Every service your administration needs is available today.

Choosing to upgrade your digital solution has never been easier. Simply select the platform options you want and sign the agreement. Your new services will be ready to onboard and start your training within 48 hours.

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Hand-Crafted Tutorials for OHQ Cloud

We're huge believers in using video to show the power of our platform. Here are a few select videos that you may find helpful.

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Digital Certificates & Electronic Signatures

Frontier and Online Customer Portals

Registering a Vessel

Managing Seafarers

Uploading Registry Documents

Public Submissions

Validating Certificate Online

Inspections and Surveys

New Seafarer Profiles

Atlas: Data Integration

Straight-forward, efficient procurement designed for OPEX and CAPEX budgets

As the saying goes, failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Our procurement process has been refined to work smoothly with OPEX and CAPEX budgetary requirements and aligns with the majority of Government procurement frameworks. Our standardised Software Agreement provides flexibility to deliver the exact services you require without the complexity associated with traditional procurements.

Procurement flow

We have been using OHQ Cloud including Frontier and Digital Certificates for over a year and can already see drastic improvements in our workflow, procedures and ultimately delivering the end product, a vessel's registration. These greater efficiencies have freed up the availability of our staff and given our customers amazing self-service tools they can use 24/7.

Regular discussions are held with the team at Oceans HQ to continually ensure they understand our needs. They show us how existing features can fulfil our requirements and suggest suitable alternatives that help us continually improve. The depth of knowledge on both the tech and importantly the maritime requirements blows my mind almost daily. There is no "them" and "us" – it's a true partnership that has been built with mutual trust at the core.

I'd highly recommend the full suite of OHQ Cloud services including Frontier and Digital Certificates to other IMO Member States without a second thought. My only regret is in not moving to OHQ Cloud sooner.

Gibraltar Maritime Administration

Gibraltar Maritime Administration uses OHQ Cloud to grow a quality fleet with competent seafarers

“We aim to grow the fleet based on quality, not just volume and the combination of Maritime and Technical expertise demonstrated by Oceans HQ was instantly visible in the quality of the products, showing a deep understanding of our sector. The pricing model also suited our budgetary needs being significantly cheaper than a new custom solution and the SaaS platform meant we would remain at the cutting edge of the sector for years to come.”

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We're here to help at every stage of your procurement process. We have a dedicated team of procurement specialists to help you via phone, email, video conference or even on-site.

Gibraltar Maritime Administration
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San Marino Ship Register

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