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The days are gone where spending millions on multi-year bespoke software projects actually deliver business value. The same can be said for 'download and install' software that are out-of-date before your IT team can even install it for every person in your organisation.

Cloud computing and more specifically Software as a Service allows you to operate at the forefront of software development, directly benefitting from instant deployments, real-time access to data and top-tier support. This means that moving from on-premise infrastructure benefits not only your company's wallet, but also creates a considerable increase in efficiency, productivity and accessibility of business operations.

Everything we do aligns with to our vision of being the world’s primary supplier of innovative and visionary solutions for maritime administrations and related businesses, operating at the highest international standards with an unwavering commitment to integrity, security and best practice in everything we do.

Therefore, in order to continually innovate at speed, we work on every level of the software and hardware stack to ensure all components work in harmony at all times. This includes fiddling with nuts and bolts all the way to in-depth data analysis and reviewing convention requirements.

In order to provide exceptional levels of support to our customers, we have maritime experts working hand-in-hand with technical and operations teams in real-time. Our Service Level Agreements guarantee responses and resolutions within set timeframes, therefore we require access to the entire system rather than working as an 'on-call' department liaising with on-site IT who have zero-knowledge of data issues that may impact operations.

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