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At Oceans, we're always driving our products and services forward. When you join our family, you get access to the best people and the best technology. This is our current roadmap.

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What we're working on in 2019

Moving into this year, our roadmap is focused on expanding our existing products and services.

  • Oceans Frontier
    Delivered Q1/2019

    Give your customers the ultimate experience with self-service applications for registering pleasure yachts, purchasing transcripts, paying invoices and much more.

  • Atlas
    In Beta

    Our passages are intermediate and advanced. Learn from experienced professionals and move from average to expert at a steady and sustainable pace.

  • Vessel Document Validation

    Expanding on the Seafarer documentation validation engine, ensure all vessel-related electronic docs can be validated at a single location.

  • Oceans API & 3rd Party Integrations

    Our clients regularly ask about integrating with legacy accounting systems or 3rd party systems. Oceans API will put the power to integrate with any service in your hands.

  • Onboard Surveyors Tools
    In Development

    Give surveyors the ability to digitally record onboard audits straight into Oceans Cloud. Avoid paperwork duplication and streamline operations.

  • ISO Tools
    In Development

    Keep your ISO policies, procedures and guidelines in a central location for all members of your organisation to see, with version control and commenting as standard.

  • Training Records
    Delivered Q1/2019

    Recording your staff training that specifically relates to their role will have a direct integration with Oceans Cloud to ensure only those with valid, current training records can perform certain actions. Perfectly aligned with ISO tools.

  • Oceans Projects
    In Beta

    Log jobs, assign to specific individuals, track time and report on whether something was completed within your defined target or not. Flexible enough to cater for internal staff and external contractors.

The Future

Aligned with our vision to be the world's provider of maritime technology, we've got a number of classified projects in the pipeline.

  • Atlantis

    From the depths of the deepest oceans, Atlantis will rise again.

  • Mercury

    A top-secret development program for registrations that are out of this world.

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