This Year, Next Year and Beyond!

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If you’re an existing client, you’ll be aware of the continuous technological innovation we’ve been driving in 2021. However, we don’t regularly get the opportunity to share these huge improvements with prospective clients. As we close in on the end of yet another year of growth here at Oceans, we thought now was a good time for a public retrospective and an overview of the roadmap we’re aiming to cover in 2022.

The 2021 Retrospective

Our infrastructure team are constantly keeping abreast of new technologies and identifying how we can best deploy improvements for our clients. We’ve noticed a number of trends over the past 18 months that have matured into projects we feel will deliver massive value over the next year. We’ve also identified opportunities to further reduce latency, increase failover resilience and improve database read/write speeds amongst others. In summary, we’ve achieved a massive amount this year including:

In addition to the work we’ve done to enhance the customer-facing parts of the platform, we’ve also identified and tested a range of new technologies. While not all have been the emphatic success we hoped for, we’ve deployed a large number of behind-the-scenes infrastructure upgrades that continue to keep our applications secure and lighting fast.

Bridging the Holiday Gap

Our infrastructure team are constantly keeping abreast of new technologies and how we can best deploy improvements for our clients. We’ve noticed a few trends over the past 18 months that have matured into projects we feel will have massive value to the OHQ Cloud platform.

As we always aim to keep our platform and services up to speed with innovation, speed and security, we will be performing a number of technically-sensitive changes to the OHQ Cloud platform between 20th November and 15th January. From your perspective, business will continue as normal and you’ll start seeing visible speed increases across all our applications with additional support for CDNs and point-of-presences closer to you. There will also be a number of additional security tools deployed to further secure your data.

In addition, we're also reviewing and improving our infrastructure security. However, to do this we will have to freeze all changes in our application code starting Nov 20th until Jan 15th to avoid introducing modifications and extending the length of this window.

During this time, we will be unable to accept any new work orders for platform customisations as we will be focusing purely upon the improvements and ensuring your services remain uninterrupted throughout. We appreciate your patience, as we are unusually silent for a short while, but rest assured we will have some big announcements shortly and look forward to the next 10 years of maritime innovation.

What’s coming in 2022

One of the key areas we’ve been working towards is switching all deployments to full CI/CD. We’ll be addressing this on the next level with the OHQ Cloud driven Kubernetes solution that will deliver an even smoother service, while also introducing additional features such as hybrid deployments between OHQ Cloud and on-premise hosted services. Moreover, since our partners are located worldwide, we’re targeting major speed improvements by implementing an AnyCast CDN solution with one of the market leaders. While our systems are primarily based in Europe, implementing this will ensure a much faster connection from all other regions.

In addition, we’re going to be launching a host of new Frontier modules to help clients provide even more self-service online options to customers. This is in addition to a planned API update to support mobile application integration (e.g. iOS and Android applications) that we’re working on. If you’d like to be a part of the alpha and beta programmes, let your account manager know.

An extra touch on security is also on the cards and will be gradually implemented and deployed to production as it passes our testing stages. And when it comes to keeping core confidential information secure, there’s never enough layers in an onion.

Under the bonnet, while we’re not doing an engine overhaul, we’re installing several turbochargers. With a solid list of changes, there will be speed benefits in various areas. And we’re not forgetting about the spare tire either – we’re already underway with integrating additional redundant storage for your data, all in compliance with your data storage requirements resulting in data and documents being available across multiple distributed providers even when unwanted events may cause disturbance to primary storage nodes.

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