Platform Update: Customer Service Provisions

In an effort to improve our ability to provide great support to our customers,we've decided to move all our support to a system called HelpScout.

At the start of April, we made the decision to move our support operations to the HelpScout platform. Our previous helpdesk solutions enabled us to deliver solid and reliable support, but they all lacked a certain finesse that seamlessly fits with our customers workflows.

Previously, help docs and support tickets were accessed via a portal, but we found that customers preferred to send support requests via email instead of through the ticketing tools. We also noticed a proportion of the support requests that came in were being triaged with links to support docs.

So we took a look at the support platforms in the market and have now gone back to using HelpScout (we were originally one of their early-adopters), and we couldn't be happier.

As HelpScout put it, "...customer service as it should be. No tickets, no portals, it's just you and the customer, happily ever after."

In line with our Company Vision, we need to offer the best customer support possible. It's not good enough being satisfactory; we strive to exceed expectations. Our customers want instant access to curated, relevant support docs with the ability to escalate if the answer to their specific issue isn't there, so that's what we've done with HelpScout.

A Game-Changing Customer Experience

  • Individuals can view related support articles and speak to a support agent from within OHQ Cloud without having to navigate to a different portal
  • Self help documentation has become a first-class citizen with in-app searching
  • Beacons have revolutionised the way customers interact with us, without any overhead

OHQ Cloud partners with HelpScout

The implementation of HelpScout has changed the way we handle support. The benefits to both our customers and support staff are too many to count. We know who you are before you get in touch and this enables us to deliver an even more personalised level of assistance.

What does this mean for you?

You don't have to do anything different to get help from the support team. As before, you can simply email us, use the in-app beacons or call us. We'll handle the rest.

If you saved an email address for the old support system, we are automatically re-routing those addresses into HelpScout. However, be sure to send any new support requests via a Beacon where possible and update any reference to an old email address.

We're working hard to continually improve our customer service and will keep to making positive changes to ensure that we are always there to help every customer.
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