Document and Certificate Issuing

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As you learn the ropes and explore OHQ Cloud, you’ll notice we have a standard set of convention certificates ready to use. These can be updated to include your logos/crests and fonts within minutes of you getting started. For non-convention documents such as certificates of registry or transcripts, you may have a custom design that is unique to your administration.

Your existing templates are likely to be in a .dot/.docx or .pdf format and these will need converting into Prawn Templates (written in Ruby) for our systems to work with. This process is driven and completed by our team during the on-boarding process, so all you need to do is provide the sample templates and a confirmed list of documents you wish to issue.

We understand that every Maritime Administration is unique and you may delegate some certificates to class. Therefore you can use the list below to identify which templates to provide us as part of on-boarding.

Gibraltar Maritime Administration
British Virgin Islands
San Marino Ship Register

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