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  • Ship Registry & Seafarer Certification

    Fundamentals of registering ships, convention requirements, UNCLOS and a flag state's responsibilities.

  • Vessel Registration

    Learn specifics about how vessels are registered and under what conditions certain requirements come into force.

  • Internal Audits

    See how ISO9001 can apply to Maritime Administrations and how to specify the products being sold.

  • Port State Controls

    Recording and reporting on PSC matters including detentions can prove problematic during an audit.

  • Finance & Invoicing

    Understand how the finance and invoicing backbones link into every aspect of the Oceans Cloud.

  • III Code Fundamentals

    A practical course covering the high-level requirements of the III Code and how to succeed in an IMO audit.


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At the heart of everything we teach are expert instructors delivering industry-leading courses. With a wealth of practical experience in the operation and management of maritime administrations around the world, our expert instructors help students navigate through the complex world of compliance and the numerous international conventions.

And supporting our maritime experts are a wide array of qualified professionals ranging from legal and technology, to human resources and sales, who assist in the delivery of specialist components of each course we offer.

The Oceans Certification Programme is our commitment to being the leader in providing onlineĀ and in-person continuing education to Maritime Administrations.

Students gain credits and CPD points for every course taken, feeding back into management reporting and oversight of staff knowledge.

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