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  • IMO Building

    The III Code

    All flag states are now required to meet the IMO's III Code standards in their operations and the future IMO audit scheme which will cover all states at about 7 yearly intervals will use the III Code as the base standard for the audit.

    Meeting the III Code requirements often takes a considerable amount of work and some changes in procedures and record keeping. We can assist in assessing the current status and advising on changes needed to ensure that the III Code expectations are met.

  • Folder

    IMO Audits

    With audits against the Implementation of IMO Instruments Code (III Code) now mandatory, we are the ideal partner to prepare pre-audit gap analyses and provide support to administrations that are preparing for this audit.

  • Book

    STCW Convention

    Every flag state must either issue certification to the seafarers in its ships, or if not taking that responsibility, must issue endorsements recognising the certificates that the officers hold from other administrations. The STCW Convention mandates that every flag state must prepare and submit five yearly independent evaluations of its systems (STCW Reg. 1/8). Our consultants can conduct these evaluations in line with the IMO criteria for evaluators.

  • Data Transfer

    Data Transformation

    Moving data in a digital world can be tricky. We work with maritime administrations to successfully migrate data from legacy systems, including historical information that was previously de-scoped. Understanding your requirements and creating solid data transformation plans are keys to a successful migration.

  • Robot

    Innovative Technology

    Investing in the latest technology to suit your specific requirements can be time-consuming and risky. With our experience in transitioning clients from legacy systems to the cloud, we can advise and prepare you for the next phase of your digital journey.

  • City

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