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Seamless Data Transformation and Migration from any data source to Oceans Cloud. Oceans Voyager is our proprietary tool for moving data from legacy databases such as FMS to Oceans Cloud.

Whether your data is stored in Oracle, DataFlex, MSSQL or other RDBMS, Oceans Voyager can connect in, Export, Transform and Load (ETL) your fleet data. And for clients that need to bring in data from spreadsheets or flat files, Oceans Voyager can handle that too.

You dont need to worry about where your data is coming from or what format it's in, you just need to focus on using it; We take the pain away.

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"Oceans Cloud allows us to meet our international obligations and has been well received by vessel registration customers and seafarers. The team at Oceans kindly migrated our data from our old system into the cloud and went above and beyond to support us with going live. Transitioning from a locally installed version of FMS to Oceans Cloud has also enabled us to access information in real-time from anywhere in the world. The Virgin Islands suffered two devastating hurricanes in 2017 and we were fortunate to have saved our historical records from our old systems. It took some time to get fully operational again but Oceans HQ provided invaluable assistance and support to analyse the data and transform it into Oceans Cloud. I now have total confidence in Oceans Cloud, and if another such event happened in the future, we will be fully operational again with data and records fully accessible as soon as local power is back." Captain Raman Bala, Director

Oceans Voyager

See How Oceans Voyager Works

Leveraging some of the best cutting-edge open source tools, Oceans Voyager can connect to any data source, pull in the data, map key attributes, transform values and load directly into Oceans Cloud.

  • Data Collection

    Depending on your existing data format(s) and location(s), Voyager can either connect directly into your infrastructure, or you can provide snapshots for Voyager to consume locally. If connecting to an RDBMS, whitelist Voyager through your firewall to connect in read-only mode, or provide a dump file and Voyager can create a mirror within Oceans Cloud.

  • Data Modeling

    With pre-configured data models for the most common formats including FMS, Spreadsheet and XML, your data can be automatically loaded into Voyager with minimal manual invervention. For the attributes that are unique to your datasets, these models are mapped in by our data analysts using a refined 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' framework.

  • Transform: Semantic Layer

    As with every data model, naming conventions and nomenclature may be unique, therefore the semantic layer of the transform process maps legacy values to those in Oceans Cloud. This part of the process is lead by our data analysts in conjunction with your staff or previous developers.

  • Transform: Maritime Review

    Our special sauce in the middle of the process ensures maritime experts review the work so far alongside our data analysts and software developers. This confirms all transformations are accurate when it relates to maritime requirements and will deliver to business needs.

  • Transform: Validation

    Native to Oceans Cloud are a range of industry-specific validations running constantly in the background to check entered data against associated convention requirements. The validation step in Voyager makes sure any data not meeting the minimum validation requirements are easily identified for remediation.

  • Data Governance

    At every step of the process, a robust data governance framework remains in place to ensure that high data quality exists throughout the complete lifecycle and extends to data availability, usability, consistency, integrity and security.


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