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Oceans Cloud contains the world's leading software solution for Marine Administrations to manage the registry of ships and simultaneously meet its international obligations from ISO, IMO, STCW, and MLC.

Leverage our team's expertise and deep understanding of the Ship Registry business, combined with technological excellence.

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From the IMO and III Code to the Maritime Labour Convention, Oceans Cloud supports your Maritime Administration and removes some of the headaches typically associated with being compliant.
IMO & The III Code

The III Code has some very clear expectations for flag states in Sections 42, 43 and 44. It is clear that the IMO expects flag states to have access to a range of statistical data about their registered ships and to be using the data as a tool to inform its decisions and evaluate its performance.

  • Seamless Reporting at your fingertips

    Instant access to detailed fleet statistics with real-time reports and analysis capabilities give you the power to answer key questions at a moment's notice.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Monitor and compare data points across your fleet and evaluate the performance of vessels, managers, ROs and more via a unified analytics engine.

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Maritime Labour Convention

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 came into force on the 20th August 2013. Flag states are required to record and analyse accidents and occupational diseases, and to detect then act on trends. They must also publish an annual report on inspections and their results.

  • Spot Trends with ease

    Dashboards customised to user roles delivers instant visibility into real-time trends, informing decisions with minimal manual intervention.

  • Annual inspection reports

    All data related to annual inspection reporting accessible instantly with analysis tools available to export data to common formats if required.

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ISO9001 Quality Management Systems

Obtaining useful data on fleet performance is always a difficult task for an ISO Certified Maritime Administration. A fleet of safe ships is essentially the "product" for ISO9001 and product performance needs to be analysed, then input into management decisions & strategy for continuous improvement. Oceans Cloud makes it easy and provides a set of inputs that will easily satisfy ISO audits.

Internal Analysis

Creating, then growing a Marine Administration & registry in a very competitive market requires good access to data on performance. A manager needs to be able to see where there is growth, where there are problems, how the fleet is changing, where he needs to enhance marketing and what the financial indicators are. Oceans Cloud provides a set of kay data inputs to this process.

Success Story

Gibraltar Maritime Administration uses Oceans Cloud to grow a quality fleet with competent seafarers

  • We aim to grow the fleet based on quality, not just volume. The combination of Maritime and Technical was instantly visible in the quality of the products that showed a deep understanding of our sector.

    The pricing model also suited our budgetary needs being significantly cheaper than a new custom solution and the SaaS platform meant we would remain at the cutting edge of the sector for years to come.

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Exclusively for Maritime Administrations and Flag States

Oceans Cloud was designed with flag states at its core

With in-depth industry knowledge and access to analytical data, we go above and beyond generic public/private/hybrid cloud offerings and deliver additional services to help you succeed.

  • Information Security

    At the heart of Oceans Cloud is our unwavering commitment to information security.

    Continual monitoring, firewalls, IPS/IDS and multi-factor authentication keeps your data secure.

  • Legal Compliance

    In-depth audit logs detail every change to any data element across the platform and help you comply with local and international legal requirements as well as supporting ISO9001 quality management and caters for bespoke reporting.

  • Updates for Life

    Always run the latest version designed by a team of experts combining an exceptional knowledge of maritime administrations with the technical experience to help you comply with the III Code and international conventions.

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Welcome to the Oceans Family

While our platform has all the features your Maritime Administration needs ranging from standard vessel registration to custom datasets, inspection management, RO insights and detailed reporting, you get so much more than just software when you join the Oceans Family.
  • Gain access to Exceptional Maritime Expertise

    The Oceans Family includes world experts in the field of ship registry and the running of Marine Administrations, as well as decades of experience on Registry & Technical issues, our team's collective knowledge is second-to-none. You gain access to first-hand expertise and peole that know what it takes to make a successful Marine Administration, as well as unsurpassed knowledge of the business and the international regulatory regime.

  • Leverage the knowledge of our Cloud & Technical Professionals

    With many years of experience in online solutions development and data security under our belt, you can leverage this in your Maritime Administration and delegate some of the more complex `code and tech` issues, enabling you to focus on your goals surrounding international obligations and business management.

  • Rely on our Services and Support

    Oceans has robust processes and procedures in place to support every Marine Administration. You gain access to our teams who provide unrivalled telephone and email support to our customers, including support for specific legal and technical questions.


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