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With people are at the heart of your operations, ensuring they are suitably equiped to perform the task at hand is vital. Oceans People helps you keep track of training records, up-skilling progress, control access to datasets and much more from a single, unified portal.

We focus on removing the complexities from people and contact management.

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"We have now been using Oceans Cloud since 2014, and both the products and company continue to exceed our expectations. From the maritime perspective, it has allowed us to streamline our processes. Like many administrations, we have a limited budget and staff who work in multiple locations, yet Oceans products ensure everyone is always on top of their game. We have been very impressed by the support of Oceans HQ in ensuring all staff members can get up-to-speed and issues are resolved promptly. The team at Oceans have dedicated resources looking at future regulation so that Oceans Cloud is ready for future amendments, and we have seen these changes rolled out seamlessly on several occasions without any downtime or added complexity. We also value the excellent relationships we have with the team at every level; they have helped us grow a world-class registry. A very proactive company and team who sufficiently understand the business of maritime administration to work with us in partnership. Richard Montado, Maritime Administrator

Oceans People

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People is your internal CRM, giving you tools for clear oversight, people management and information control. In the ever evolving maritime industry, Oceans People helps you comply with the III Code.

  • Team & Individual Management

    Easily keep staff information up-to-date including roles, training, security preferences such as enforcing 2-factor authentication and more. With full audit history recorded for all users, you can provide actionable data to auditors and oversight at any time.

  • Training Records

    As a major element of quality management, compliance, and regulatory practices as well as employee safety, it's important to keep training records up-to-date, accessible and actionable. Oceans People enables records to filter into permission-based access, ensuring only qualified personnel can operate within their remit.

  • Granular Access Controls

    Whether your team consists of just in-house staff, collaboration with external surveyors & filing agents or any other mix, Oceans People gives you the power to control who can access data relevant to them.

  • Qualifications and Permissions

    Building on individual training records and subsequent qualifications, you can setup permissions for individuals that are relevant to their skill level. Permissions span across products in OHQ Cloud, giving you granular control.


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